AFP-Arkansas commends citizens for voting for economic freedom

November 08, 2012

Arkansas Citizens Support Economic Freedom

Little Rock, Arkansas – Over the past two years, AFP Arkansas has focused on the importance of policy and how policy impacts families’ budgets, the cost of everyday life, job creation, and opportunities here in Arkansas.

“I know today lots of people will talk about party, but we believe the people of Arkansas spoke out for economic freedom,” stated Teresa Oelke, Arkansas State Director.

Oelke continued, “Arkansans don’t want to exchange one party’s special interest for another party’s special interest. We want a fair playing field where everyone plays by the same set of rules. A government that doesn’t demand more taxes; but does better with the taxes that we send them now. These are the principles that will help the real economy thrive and create more opportunities for all Arkansans.”

Over the last two years, the Arkansas Chapter’s efforts to advance the cause of economic freedom:
64,000 AFP Members
18,450 FB Fans
1,762 twitter followers
300 Grassroots Events Held or Attended
38 Town Halls on Health Care
516 Radio Interviews
500 Leaders Trained in New Media
100+ Phone Banks
60,000 Phones Calls
15,000 Doors Knocked
1.3 million Issue-focused mail pieces
5 television ads

For further information or questions contact Elizabeth Aymond at (501) 773-1830 or

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