AFP Arkansas Calls Politicians to Defend Their Record

September 04, 2012

(Little Rock, AR) – AFP Arkansas has issued a call for politicians to defend the policies they supported rather than make outlandish attacks on AFP Arkansas and their 63,000 members.

“In typical fashion, politicians cry foul when the people they represent find out how they voted,” stated Teresa Oelke, AFP State Director. “Politicians advance things with which they agree. They should have protected Arkansas taxpayers and our jobs by simply voting against these bad economic policies.”

AFP education efforts have recently focused on the vote for HB 1902, to advance a tax increase on diesel fuel and HJR 1001, a vote to advance a sales tax increase. Instead of rejecting the proposed tax increases, politicians advanced these costly measures which ultimately put Arkansas taxpayers at risk for policies that are bad for our economy and will drive up the cost of living.

Since last week, politicians or their representatives have lobbed wild accusations about AFP being a Washington outsider group or some making libelous remarks. “AFP’s legal department is looking at the potential for legal action against the more serious libelous statements,” said Oelke.

“Hardworking men and women from all over Arkansas are working together to take a stand against policies that are crushing the economy of our state,” said Oelke. “When legislators vote to advance tax increases rather than stop them in their tracks, they can expect to hear from the tens of thousands of Arkansans who these policies hurt.”

Americans for Prosperity Arkansas is a grassroots organization with over 63,000 local members in Arkansas joining since 2009. AFP Arkansas has hosted or participated in over 275 community events all across Arkansas in 2012 alone. AFP is committed to advocating economic freedom, which history proves to be the best means to achieve prosperity and opportunity for all Arkansans.

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