Pulaski County Quorum Court Meeting Tonight

November 22, 2011

Pulaski County Quorum Court

We have heard that the watershed issue will not be brought up at this evening’s Quorum Court meeting; HOWEVER that, frankly, doesn’t mean a whole lot. Those wishing to pass this horribly written piece of county legislation could still bring up the matter. In the end, either way, it is important for us to be there in mass to let our local elected officials where we all stand on this issue.

The meeting will begin at 7:00p at 201 S. Broadway, Suite 410 in Little Rock.

We encourage you to join us in contacting the members of the Pulaski County Quorum Court. Let them know that it’s not just a bad idea to be forced to give up our property. It’s un-American.

Doug Reed
Phone: (501) 868-4742
Email: doug-reed@att.net

Dawene Vandiver
Cell Phone: (501) 607-3387
Fax: (501) 661-1414

Jim Sorvillo
Phone: (501) 954-7243

Julie Blackwood
Cell Phone: (501) 425-2321
Email: bodyshapepro@yahoo.com

Wilandra Dean
Phone: (501) 565-2256
Email: wilandradean@aol.com

Donna Massey
Phone: (501) 660-4551
Cell Phone: (501) 231-6044

Teresa Coney
Phone: (501) 455-1622

Curtis Keith
Phone: (501) 537-1213
Work: (501) 744-5477
Fax: (501) 663-3446

Judy Green
Phone: (501) 374-0679
Email: jgreen1150@yahoo.com

Rev. Robert Green
Phone: (501) 258-6921

Bob Johnson
Phone: (501) 982-2411
Fax: (501) 982-8165
Email: rbjcpa5038@juno.com

Jeff Rollins
Phone: (501) 772-0266

Phil Stowers
Phone: (501) 993-6165
Email: pstowers71@yahoo.com

Paul Elliott
Phone: (501) 851-7999
Email: pdelliottmail@gmail.com

Shane Stacks
Phone: (501) 436-9431
Email: hello@stacksjp.com

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