Tell Governor Beebe No to Health Insurance Exchanges

April 05, 2012

Tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. Arkansas Legislators on the Arkansas Legislative Council (ALC) Committee will undertake several important matters. One that we would like to highlight, though, is about the gift that keeps on giving – Health Insurance Exchanges.

As we’ve previously stated (and you, we’re sure, know) – health insurance exchange legislation was killed during the 2012 regular session. The problem is that Governor Mike Beebe and Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford keep bringing it back up. This time the Governor and Commissioner Bradford will push legislators to spend $7.4 MILLION to implement Obama’s Health Care Exchange.

Let’s not get caught up in the weeds – this isn’t about making the exchanges “our own” nor about “fixing the impending Medicaid crisis.” These health insurance exchanges are funded by the Federal government with little to no guidelines for states to follow. Nothing would prohibit the Federal government from coming in and taking over any exchange the state government may set up.

The wisest course of action for Arkansas is to NOT accept or spend any additional Obamacare federal grants.

The Supreme Court will likely rule on the Constitutionality of President Obama’s Health Care plan sometime before June of 2012. Our state should not rush into these decisions.

Please call the following Legislators and let them know to not to accept the additional $7.4 million.

Senator Johnny Key 870-425-5200
Representative James McLean 870-613-0617
Senator Bruce Holland 479-996-0977
Representative Tiffany Rogers 870-830-3953

Senator Ruth Whitaker 479-474-0911
Senator Jim Luker 870-238-8588
Senator Sue Madison 479-442-2997
Senator Gene Jeffress 870-689-3537
Senator Cecile Bledsoe 479-685-5394
Senator David Wyatt 870-613-3014
Senator Jeremy Hutchinson 501-773-3760

Representative Robert S. Moore, Jr. 870-877-1210
Representative Tommy Lee Baker 870-563-8277
Representative David “Bubba” Powers 870-777-9822
Representative Bryan King 870-438-4565
Representative Terry Rice 870-438-4565
Representative Linda Tyler 501-329-8644
Representative Robert Dale 479-970-3503
Representative John Burris 870-688-6181
Representative Greg Leding 479-422-8099

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