Legislative Alerts

Needed: 300 Spartans

November 18, 2015J,

Dear Arizona Taxpayer: This is where we hold them. This is where we fight. The 2016 legislative session is coming up quickly and we want you to be a part of an army of activists who will push our State Legislature to support free-market policy reforms. We need to cut taxes, reduce government spending, expand […]

Thank Sens. Flake and McCain for opposing EPA energy regs!

November 18, 2015J,

Nov 18, 2015 Last night the Senate passed two CRA resolutions of disapproval for two EPA regulations on carbon emissions, the Clean Power Plan and the New Source Performance Standards, with a vote of 52-46. (They only needed a simple majority.) The roll calls were identical, and they are online here and here. The vote was largely along […]

Thanks to AG Mark Brnovich and the AZ Corporation Commission!

November 05, 2015J,

Dear Arizona Taxpayer: Thank you for standing with us in our fight against the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) plan to raise your utility rates and eliminate local jobs in the energy sector. Last week Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and the Arizona Corporation Commission joined a lawsuit with 23 other states against the EPA’s mandates […]

Send Us Your Regulatory Horror Story

The regulatory state affects us all, whether we realize it or not. And sometimes, the regulatory behemoth at the federal, state and local levels can ruin people’s livelihoods. The classic example of nonsensical local regulation is requiring children to apply for a city permit to sell homemade lemonade. Two sisters in Texas tried to raise […]