Legislative Alerts

Take Action to Support Gov. Ducey’s Spending Reductions!

January 22, 2015J,

Dear Arizona Taxpayer: The wailing and moaning you are hearing on your television and seeing in your newspaper is the sound of Arizona’s spending lobbies after reading the executive budget released today by Arizona’s new Governor, Doug Ducey. TAKE ACTION TO SUPPORT GOV. DUCEY’S BUDGET Supporters of Big Government HATE this budget: ● The school […]

AFP-Arizona’s 2015 State Legislative Agenda

January 21, 2015J,

 AFP-Arizona 2015 State Legislative Objectives Updated 01-21-2015 Click HERE for a printable PDF version. AFP-Arizona’s state legislative policy plan for this year is outlined below and in the scoring rubric for our 2015 Legislative Scorecard, shown on Page 2 of the printable PDF version. The 2015 scorecard will be the 31th annual scorecard put out […]

AZ Legislative District 7 Action Page

Please contact Senator Carlyle Begay and thank him for supporting school choice and opportunities for children by sponsoring a bill to expand the number of entities that can create charter schools (SB 1052).  His email is cbegay@azleg.gov Also, please encourage Sen. Begay and the other members of your delegation to support Governor Doug Ducey’s prudent spending reductions […]

AZ Legislative District 25 Action Page

Please ask Senator Bob Worsley to support Governor Doug Ducey‘s prudent spending reductions and efforts to balance the state budget.   TAKE ACTION HERE And please send an email to Rep. Justin Olson to thank him for sponsoring a bill to kill the Inflation Tax once and for! His email is jolson@azleg.gov