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Prop 204 is bad for Arizona and doesn't help education

October 05, 2012 J

Americans for Prosperity: Prop 204 is bad for Arizona and doesn’t help education

As part of America’s largest free market grassroots organization, the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity works to protect Arizona businesses and families from excessive taxation.  AFP-Arizona urges grassroots taxpayer activists to join the No on Prop 204 effort and to stand against the spending interests who would use false promises of education reform to impose crippling taxes on a fragile economy.

A massive tax increase to fund special interests and the politically connected is not good for a struggling Arizona economy, and it will not serve to improve our state’s public education system.   The citizens AFP-Arizona fights for are alarmed at the effects that the Prop 204 tax hike would have on both their pocketbooks and local businesses’ ability to grow our economy.

The supporters of Proposition 204 claim that their tax hike is necessary to improve Arizona’s struggling public education system.  However, in the last decade (thanks in part to the Prop 301 sales tax hike), we have spent more and more money on “education,” but seen a smaller proportion of funds go directly to classrooms and frontline teachers.  There is no guarantee that a single dollar of the additional funding from Prop 204 would go to boost student performance, or to pay good teachers what they deserve — but there is plenty of Prop 204 sales tax money earmarked for spending interests (such as light rail transit) that have little or nothing to do with public education.

Arizona’s education system needs real reform, but that reform should come in the form of more parental choice and increased teacher quality — not giving government bureaucrats hundreds of millions of dollars a year to spend as they wish.

The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity is proud to stand with Arizona Treasurer Doug Ducey, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business, and so many others in opposing Prop 204 and the harmful impact it would have on the state of Arizona.  We hope that the citizens of Arizona will see Prop 204 for what it really is: a job-killing tax hike that will do nothing to help our children.

–Tom Jenney, Arizona Director, Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity is the nation’s largest free market grassroots organization, with chapters in 34 states and over 70,000 activists in the state of Arizona. Founded in 2004, Americans for Prosperity’s mission is to educate citizens about economic policy and mobilize them as advocates of lower taxes and limited government. The organization primarily focuses on eight policy issues: budget and spending; taxes; property rights; health care and entitlements; banking and financial services; labor, education and pensions; energy and environment; and technology. You can learn more about Americans for Prosperity at www.americansforprosperity.org

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