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Candidate Responses to AFP-AZ's 2014 Legislative Questionnaire

July 01, 2014 J,

(To read and/or print the Questionnaire, click HERE.)



Shawnna Bolick (Republican, LD 28 House)

Rep. Sonny Borrelli (Republican, LD 5 House)

Todd Clodfelter (Republican, LD 10 House)

Gary Cox (Republican, LD 30 Senate)

Sen. Chester Crandell (Republican, LD 6 Senate)

John Fillmore (Republican, LD 16 House)

Anthony Kern (Republican, LD 20 House)

Vince Leach (Republican, LD 11 House)

Irene Littleton (Republican, LD 8 Senate)

Rep. Debbie Lesko (Republican, LD 21 Senate)

Rep. Phil Lovas (Republican, LD 22 House)

Jill Norgaard (Republican, LD 18 House)

Tom Morrissey (Republican, LD 18 Senate)

Rep. Justin Olson (Republican, LD 25 House)

Rep. Warren Petersen (Republican, LD 12 House)

Sen. Don Shooter (Republican, LD 13 Senate)

Susan Syfert (Republican, LD 14 House)

Sen. Kelli Ward (Republican, LD 5 Senate)


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