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Robb: Sound AZ economy not built on companies who have to be bribed

January 12, 2012 J

Great stuff about the Commerce Authority by the Republic‘s Bob Robb, in his column about Brewer’s State of the State address:

Rather than actually returning to economic fundamentals, as Brewer claimed in her address, she and Republican lawmakers have thrown the state headfirst into the killing fields of politically allocated capital with last session’s so-called jobs bill.

Brewer and Republican lawmakers apparently believe that the state’s future depends on the economic clairvoyance of Arizona Commerce Authority President Don Cardon, to whom you wouldn’t entrust your personal investment portfolio, and his sidekick Greater Phoenix Economic Council President Barry Broome, to whom you wouldn’t entrust your kid’s allowance.

Having enacted large incentives for big business and manufacturers last session, Brewer says the state needs to enact compensating tax reductions for small business and service exporters this session.

The incentives game is addictive, and Arizona is well on its way to becoming a junkie.

A sound state economy isn’t built on companies who have to be bribed to be here.

Of course, just when Robb starts making funny cracks about Cardon, Cardon quits. At least Broome is still in the picture…

For Liberty, Tom

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