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Salazar Decree Just another Anti-American Energy Scheme

January 10, 2012 J

Congress should overturn ruling immediately

PHOENIX- AFP-Arizona, the state’s premier free market grassroots organization, issued the following statement in reaction to Secretary Ken Salazar’s brash announcement yesterday banning new uranium mining in Arizona for the next 20 years.

With his announcement of a 20-year ban on uranium mining in over a million acres of federal land outside of Grand Canyon National Park, Secretary Ken Salazar has now surpassed Bruce Babbitt as the most aggressive anti-energy and anti-property rights Secretary of the Interior in U.S. history,” said AFP-Arizona State Director Tom Jenney.

Salazar has already been held in contempt of court for unlawfully imposing a moratorium on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, has canceled oil and gas leases on federal land throughout the West, and even tried to designate his own wilderness areas — so-called wild lands — with congressional approval, an effort that was blocked by House Republicans.

Jenney continued, “Yesterday’s announcement is Salazar’s latest effort to unilaterally block the development of American energy resources and keep thousands of well-paying mining jobs from being created.  Congress should immediately pass legislation overturning Salazar’s decree and encouraging the development of America’s energy resources including Arizona uranium.”

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