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What will a hospital visit cost you?

February 13, 2014 J,

IMPACTING YOUR PERSONAL WELL-BEING 12 Feb 2014 Dear Arizona Health Care Consumer, Two weeks ago, I asked you to contact your three closest hospitals to get their Direct Pay Prices. I never ask activists to do something I wouldn’t, so I contacted my three closest hospitals. Further below, I’ll tell you what I found… Thanks [...]

AZ Legislative Action Alert — Week of February 10-14

February 07, 2014 J,

AZ ACTION ALERT — Week of February 10-14 This coming week (beginning February 10), two (and possibly three) of Americans for Prosperity-Arizona’s key bills will be in committee. And we have one other important reform that needs action. Please use the information and links below to take action on these FOUR issues TODAY. HB 2291: [...]

Government Employee Paycheck Protection–Help Protect Workers Paychecks from Union Spending!

February 06, 2014 J

February 2014 — Legislative Action Alert SB1354 and SB1355, sponsored by Sen. Gail Griffin and Sen. Kelli Ward respectively, are two different versions of Paycheck Protection which ensure that government sector employees are protected from having third-party payments (including union dues and union political action funds) taken out of their paychecks without written or electronic consent. These [...]

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