Thanks to the heroes in the AZ Legislature!

June 15, 2013

Thanks to all of the Arizona Legislators who voted against the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion in the disgraceful special session called by Gov. Brewer:

Senators Nancy Barto, Andy Biggs, Judy Burges, Chester Crandell, Gail Griffin, Al Melvin, Rick Murphy, Michele Reagan, Don Shooter, Kelli Ward, Steve Yarbrough and Kimberly Yee.

Representatives John Allen, Brenda Barton, Sonny Borrelli, Paul Boyer, Karen Fann, Eddie Farnsworth, Tom Forese, David Gowan, Rick Gray, John Kavanagh, Adam Kwasman, Debbie Lesko, David Livingston, Phil Lovas, J.D. Mesnard, Darin Mitchell, Steve Montenegro, Justin Olson, Warren Petersen, Justin Pierce, Carl Seel, Steve Smith, David Stevens, Bob Thorpe, Andy Tobin, Kelly Townsend and Michelle Ugenti.

These Legislators did the right thing, in the face of heavy lobbying by hospital corporations greedy for federal tax money, a media barrage by medical socialists peddling false humanitarian arguments, and a heavy-handed Governor who suspended public debate and  transparency in order to steamroll expansion opponents.

It’s important to thank our Legislators for taking heroic actions.  Use this link to find and contact your legislators.  Your email notes and voice mails can be as simple as, “Dear Rep. X / Sen. Y, Thank you for voting against the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion and for defending Arizona’s constitutional taxpayers protections under Prop 108.  Sincerely, Joe & Jane Taxpayer.”


We will send out email alerts soon detailing our plan for the next phase of the battle to block the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion.  But here’s the upshot: Arizona grassroots activists need to collect signatures for a citizen referendum to stop the legislation and put it on the November 2014 ballot.  Learn more about that effort at

To learn more about the enormous human and fiscal costs of the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion, go here:

For Liberty, Tom

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity

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