Put a leash on government employee unions!

February 14, 2013


To all Arizona Taxpayers,

Government employee unions in Arizona are out of control.

Government employee unions withhold dues automatically from employee wages, siphon political funds out of paychecks without safeguards for employees who disagree with the unions’ political agendas, and give workers paid time off (on the taxpayer’s dime!) to engage in pro-union lobbying.  Then, the unions meet and confer with elected officials (many of whom they helped elect) in closed-door meetings!  Finally, the unions use all that money and paid time off to lobby for more taxpayer dollars and to block pro-market and pro-consumer reforms such as school choice!  CLICK HERE TO TAKE ACTION.

And then there is union political spending, which is heavily partisan.  According to data available at the Secretary of State’s website, government employee unions gave money to the Democrat and Republican parties in a ratio of 48 to 1.  Even in House legislative races, where the unions were reportedly going to go “easy” on Republicans, the ratio of support for Democrats versus Republicans was four to one.  On the Senate side, the partisan spending ratio on candidates was 13 to 1.  This involuntary, partisan spending by union bosses does not reflect rank-and-file workers’ political views.


In addition to contacting your own Legislators (use the action links below), please contact the two gatekeepers in the House Rules Committee, House Speaker Andy Tobin (R-Yavapai County) and House Rules Chairman Bob Robson (R-Ahwatukee/Chandler), and encourage them to allow ALL of the union reform bills to get out of the Rules Committee.  Rather than following a failed policy of trying to appease the unions, conservative Legislators need to take away the unions’ political slush funds.  Please contact Rep. Bob Robson (brobson@azleg.gov and/or 602-926-5549) and Rep. Andy Tobin (atobin@azleg.gov and/or 602-926-5172) with the following short message: “I am writing/calling to respectfully request that you allow ALL of the labor reform bills (SB 1182, HB 2438, HB 2330, HB 2343 and HB 2026) to get out of the Rules Committee and go to floor votes in the House.”

Paycheck Protection (SB 1182 and HB 2438)

Of the labor reforms moving in the Legislature this year, passing Paycheck Protection is the most important objective for 2013.  Aside from the principled objective of protecting workers’ freedom of association, the political impact of Paycheck Protection cannot be overstated.  After Washington passed Paycheck Protection, teacher union PAC funds in that State shrank by 75 percent.  After Utah passed the reform, teacher union political funds shrank by 90 percent.  Paycheck Protection (SB 1182 and HB 2438) would prohibit government employers from taking money from employee’s paychecks for political activities without express annual authorization.

Transparency in government union negotiations (HB 2330)

HB 2330 would protect taxpayers by requiring that union collective bargaining (“meet-and-confer”) be subject to the same open meeting laws as other government meetings, including the requirement that meetings be recorded by audiovisual means.

Reform abuses of government union release time (HB 2343)

HB 2343 would protect taxpayers by prohibiting governments from giving government workers paid time off (on the taxpayer dime!) for engaging in pro-union lobbying.


Please use this link to SEND A QUICK AND EASY EMAIL to your Legislators, asking them to support reform bills that would rein in the power of government employee unions.


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For Liberty, Tom

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity
(602) 478-0146

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