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May 28, 2013


To all Arizona Taxpayers and Health Care Freedom Fighters:

Governor Jan Brewer’s proposed expansion of Medicaid under ObamaCare may soon go to the House Appropriations Committee.

We feel confident that the Republicans on the Committee will vote unanimously against the ObamaCare (“OBrewerCare”?) Medicaid expansion, but they will be under intense pressure from the hospital lobby and the Governor’s office.  So please TAKE ACTION TODAY by contacting House Approps members and encouraging them to stand firm for health care freedom.

Your email notes and voice mails can be as simple as, “Dear Representative X,  I trust that you will do the right thing, so I thank you in advance for voting against the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion and for defending Arizona’s constitutional taxpayers protections under Prop 108.  Sincerely, Joe & Jane Taxpayer.”

Rep. Paul Boyer  pboyer@azleg.gov  602-926-4173

Rep. Tom Forese  tforese@azleg.gov  602-926-5168

Rep. Rick Gray  rgray@azleg.gov  602-926-5993

Rep. John Kavanagh  jkavanagh@azleg.gov  602-926-5170

Rep. Adam Kwasman  akwasman@azleg.gov  602-926-5839

Rep. Justin Olson  jolson@azleg.gov  602-926-5288

Rep. Michelle Ugenti  mugenti@azleg.gov  602-926-4480


Every once in a while, a grassroots taxpayer activist asks us, “How is the legislative session going, apart from the Medicaid fight?”  The short answer: Not very well.

Please check out Page 2 of the pdf document at this link to see details on the progress (or lack thereof) in this year’s legislative session.  Things may change, once Gov. Brewer gets done with her veto tantrum, but at this point only one of our coalition’s many key pro-taxpayer bills has made it through the House and Senate and made it past Brewer’s desk.

For Liberty, Tom

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity


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