On the Expiration of the Prop 100 Sales Tax

May 31, 2013

On the occasion of the expiration of the Prop 100 sales tax, AFP-Arizona would like to express its gratitude to Governor Jan Brewer for keeping her promise.  Although we strongly disagreed with her decision to push for the Prop 100 tax, and disagreed with the way she attempted to strong-arm the Legislature into passing the tax (especially in 2009), Gov. Brewer did say it was her intention to make the Prop 100 sales tax temporary, and she did keep her word.  When the spending lobbies tried to go back to the well for a permanent extension, and put Prop 204 on the November 2012 ballot, Gov. Brewer opposed that effort.  Thank you, Governor Brewer.

For extended commentary from AFP-Arizona on the Prop 100 experience, please listen to Tom Jenney’s interview with KJZZ’s Mark Brodie.

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