Governor Brewer Puts Special Interests, ‘Free Money’ Ahead of the People’s Business

May 28, 2013

News release: May 28, 2013

AFP-AZ: Governor Brewer Puts Special Interests, ‘Free Money’ Ahead of the People’s Business

Governor has vetoed five bills in effort to force passage of Medicaid expansion.

PHOENIX – Governor Jan Brewer announced recently that she would place a moratorium on signing any new bills into law until the state Legislature sends her a state budget with Medicaid expansion included. True to her word, she has now begun vetoing bills duly approved by the Legislature—with five bills vetoed last week.

Americans for Prosperity-Arizona Director Tom Jenney released the following statement in response:

“Governor Brewer has worked relentlessly this session on behalf of special interests who would like to see more federal money flood into Arizona with an expansion of Medicaid under ObamaCare,” Jenney said. “Now she’s taken that agenda to the extreme by thwarting the people’s representatives on other issues ranging from education reform to law enforcement.”

“Legislators have rightly resisted putting Arizona taxpayers on the hook for untold sums of money;  the Governor’s response should not be to shut down the state government. She should only exercise her veto power if she believes a bill fails to serve the interests of Arizonans. Wielding the veto power as leverage to force Arizona  into accepting more of ObamaCare is a disgrace, particularly when done at the bidding of hospital companies and other special interests.”

“In its own right, the expansion plan Governor Brewer supports is deeply troubling. For one, Medicaid is simply bad insurance — often failing the very people it’s supposed to help. Studies show that those on Medicaid often have even worse health outcomes than those with no insurance at all. Furthermore, the supposedly ‘free’ federal money to pay for the expansion isn’t free at all — it’s money paid by federal taxpayers (including our children and grandchildren, who must pay for our soaring national debt).  When the costs of the program inevitably explode, Congress will very likely dump the burden back onto States like Arizona, leaving our state taxpayers holding the bag.”

“Instead of strong-arming lawmakers into pushing more needy Arizonans into a costly, failing system that’s already bursting at the seams, Governor Brewer should support real Medicaid reform that gives Arizona the flexibility to best serve those who need care the most.”

“Governor Brewer, please stop prioritizing ‘free’ money over doing the people’s business.”

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