Five things YOU can do to STOP the AZ ObamaCare Medicaid expansion

April 18, 2013

Will President Obama scratch me behind my ears?

Dear AZ Taxpayer:

The proposed ObamaCare Medicaid expansion would hurt Arizona’s most vulnerable citizens.  Below are five ways you can TAKE ACTION to defend health care freedom and block the expansion.

1)  Spread the word.  We can (and do) talk about how much the Medicaid/AHCCCS expansion would cost the hardworking taxpayers of Arizona, but the most important thing to explain to your friends and neighbors is how the expansion of Medicaid/AHCCCS would hurt Arizona’s most vulnerable citizens.  It is also important to explain to them that Arizona has many alternatives to expanding Medicaid.  Here is a video of an Arizona physician talking about how the Medicaid expansion would help ObamaCare destroy patient-doctor relationships.  In another post, we try to answer an increasingly important question: Will President Obama scratch me behind my ears?

2)  Rally against the Medicaid expansion.  Representative Warren Petersen (R-Gilbert) is hosting a rally against the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion at the Arizona Capitol (map link) next Thursday, April 25 at 11:00 a.m.  Please join us to take a stand in favor of health care freedom, and please let me know (email if you’re planning to be there.

3)  Thank Senate President Andy Biggs (R-Gilbert) for standing firm against the Medicaid expansion.  There are a lot of heroes in this fight, but President Biggs stands out for his efforts to throw wrenches into the Medicaid expansion and to protect Arizona taxpayers by defending Prop 108.  Email President Biggs at

4)  Keep encouraging our Legislators to do the right thing!  President Biggs cannot single-handedly stop the expansion (right now, a majority of Senators still supports the expansion), so we as citizen activists need to keep communicating with our Legislators.  A recent Magellan poll shows that our Legislators’ constituents widely oppose raising hospital bed taxes to fund the Medicaid expansion.  Use this link to TAKE ACTION TODAY!

5)  Get involved with other groups fighting against the Medicaid expansion.  A lot of good people have joined our fight.  The Arizona Freedom Alliance and the Goldwater Institute are in the mix, and there is a new Facebook page for anti-expansion activists.  And be sure to tune in for today’s video teleconference at 5:00 p.m. (Thursday, April 18) with state senator and physician Kelli Ward (R-Mohave County).

For Liberty, Tom

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity
(602) 478-0146

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