DISGUSTING action by NW Tucson legislators Farley, Orr & Steele

June 13, 2013

To all LD9 (Northwest Tucson) Taxpayers & Health Care Freedom Fighters:

To enact the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion, your state legislators — Sen. Steve Farley and Reps. Ethan Orr and Victoria Steele — voted to violate Prop 108, the most important taxpayer protection in the Arizona Constitution.

Under Prop 108, it is supposed to take a two-thirds majority of the Legislature to raise taxes. But Sen. Farley and Reps. Orr and Steele voted to allow an unelected bureaucrat at AHCCCS to raise state taxes (mainly hospital bed taxes) by hundreds of millions of dollars per year — without a two-thirds vote of the Legislature!

In their efforts to squeeze the giant hospital bed tax (“provider tax”) through a tiny loophole in Prop 108, Governor Brewer, Sen. Farley and Reps. Orr and Steele are trying to pretend that the provider tax is not a tax — even though it is a TAX under the Social Security Act, which is the controlling statute.

Farley, Orr and Steele are also trying to pretend that the provider tax is not allocated according to formula, although it plainly is. They are trying to pretend that the provider tax does not have a limit, although it is limited by federal law to six percent (and limited to 25 percent of Arizona’s Medicaid contribution).

Finally, Farley, Orr and Steele are pretending that they don’t know how much money will be raised by the tax, even though they — along with Gov. Brewer, Democratic legislators and renegade Republicans — have built budgets around the expected revenue.

History shows that removing taxpayer protections inevitably leads to higher taxes. By voting to delegate to an AHCCCS bureaucrat the authority to impose gigantic taxes on hospital patients, Farley, Orr and Steele have voted to kill Prop 108, clearing the way for other departments and agencies to raise taxes in the future without getting approval by legislative supermajorities.


We’ll send out an email soon detailing our plan for the next phase of the ObamaCare Medicaid fight. But the upshot is this: we need you to collect a whole bunch of signatures for a citizen referendum to stop the legislation and put it on the November 2014 ballot. Learn more about that at http://www.urapc.org/

For more information about why Arizona should continue to fight the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion, go here: http://tinyurl.com/ocmxbeenthere

For Liberty, Tom

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity

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