AzFEC: Time to End Net Metering Subsidies

May 09, 2013

Thanks to Scot Mussi and the Arizona Free Enterprise Club for sending out this statement today:

Time to End Net Metering Subsidies at the Corporation Commission 

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club today issued the following statement in opposition to the net metering solar subsidies currently being mandated at the Corporation Commission.

“After years of increasing energy mandates and subsidies to prop up the solar industry at the expense of ratepayers, we are pleased to see the current commission begin to reevaluate and roll back these costly programs.”  Executive Director Scot Mussi said.  “Under net metering, offering an energy credit to solar customers for excess power that they put back on the grid is a reasonable idea in concept, as long as other ratepayers are not forced to pay more for the energy than what the market dictates.  The current program, however, requires utility providers to pay several times more for this energy than what it is worth, a costly burden for all other ratepayers.”

“This is not ‘energy choice’ as the proponents would suggest, in fact it is just the opposite.”  Mussi continued.  “We hope the commission will end this discriminatory subsidy and adopt a net metering policy that is market driven and equitable to all ratepayers.”

(You can reach Scot Mussi and AzFEC at

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