June 11, 2014

117 organizations send letter to Congress to Keep Wind Energy Subsidy Expired

PHOENIX — Today Americans for Prosperity and a broad coalition of organizations are releasing a letter to Congress urging lawmakers to oppose renewing the expired federal wind production energy tax credit.

The letter includes 117 signers, including the American Energy Alliance, American Conservative Union, Americans for Tax Reform, R Street Institute, Club for Growth, American Commitment, Heritage Action, and others.

The subsidy expired at the end of 2013 after AFP and a coalition of 102 organizations sent a similar letter to Capitol Hill calling on lawmakers to end the tax credit.

AFP-Arizona State Director Tom Jenney released the following statement:

“AFP-Arizona continues to make sure energy is efficient and affordable. With wind tax credits expiring last year, Arizonans were ensured the right to choose which energy option is best for them. Tax dollars would no longer go to subsidize wind energy. With the expiration of the tax credits, many Arizonans got to keep their jobs and keep energy prices within reason. Congress needs to leave the wind energy tax credit the way it is: expired.”

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