AFP-Arizona 2013 Legislative Agenda & Scoring Rubric

June 20, 2013


At this link, you can read our latest update on the progress (or lack thereof) in the Arizona Legislature’s 2013 session:

2013 Legislative Session Update, updated 28 June 2013

AFP-Arizona’s state legislative policy plan for this year and the scoring rubric for our 2013 Legislative Scorecard are available here:

2013 Legislative Agenda, updated 15 March 2013

The 2013 scorecard will be the 29th annual scorecard put out by AFP-Arizona and the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers.  (Read the 2012 Scorecard here.)  The scorecard weights bills according to their projected dollar impact to Arizona taxpayers, consumers, and producers ($1 million equals one point).   Since 2008, AFP-Arizona has given legislators advance notice of which bills would be scored as key bills during the session.  Grassroots taxpayer activists can help us greatly by reminding returning legislators and newly elected legislators that we will hold them strictly accountable in 2013.  AFP-AZ thanks its coalition partners and allied legislators for their assistance.

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