Join us across Arizona on Saturday, July 12th as we take on big government, attacks on healthcare freedom and out-of-control spending! This is a national effort, but we’re doing our part in Arizona to take on the status quo – and we need YOU!

“Why should I volunteer?”

Big government policies are putting the American dream at risk for our families and future generations. We have big goals and want to reach millions of people with the message of economic freedom, but we need everyone to do their part. On last month’s Day of Action, our activists made more than 50,000 phone calls and knocked on 1,500 doors across the country. This month, we want to do even better.

“What will I be doing?”

You’ll be making phone calls to other like-minded friends and neighbors across the country to help us find those who are most willing to get more involved with our organization and more active in the political process. This is an incredibly important part of building an effective grassroots army in key states.

All you’ll need is a computer and a phone. We have an amazing, state-of-the-art phone system that allows you to make calls from anywhere — you don’t even have to leave the house!

Our online phone system will directly connect you with the people we want to reach. We’ll provide you with a simple script to use, so you’ll know exactly what to say and which questions to ask.

“OK, I’m in! What’s next?”

Please contact members of our field team according to your location:

Central Arizona / Maricopa County
Judy Hoelscher – / (480) 290-1751

Northern & Eastern Arizona
Karen MacKean – / (480) 220-9450

Southern Arizona
Karen Schutte – / (520) 240-2058 

Please call our Field Directors and get signed up today!