Sen. Begich Votes To Fund Obamacare And Not Cap Spending!

September 27, 2013

The Senate just passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) with a 54-44 vote. This CR provides funds for the federal government until November 15 at the $986 billion level and does not include language to defund ObamaCare. Now the measure heads back to the House to consider over the weekend and the CR saga continues!

AFP urged a NO vote because this legislation exceeds the already-agreed-upon spending caps. We will include this vote in our congressional scorecard. Below is a breakdown of the vote, which was entirely along party lines. Click here for the full roll call vote.



We would like to highlight another important vote that just happened in the Senate. Previous to the vote on final passage, the Senate voted on a motion to waive the spending caps. This is a very important vote because it shows whether members of Congress are serious about spending control. The motion to waive the spending caps passed with a 68-30 vote. Republicans were divided—30 voted to respect the spending caps, and 14 voted to break them.

Click here to see Senator Begich & Murkowski on the record against capping spending in Washington! It seems as though they have taken their Alaska spending problem with them to Washington…

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