AFP-Alaska Responds to Begich Surrogates

December 03, 2013

Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest grassroots advocate for healthcare freedom, issued the following statement in response to State Senator Hollis French and Rep. Les Gara’s announcement of a rally and press availability to defend Senator Begich.

AFP President Tim Phillips said, “Senator Begich and his surrogates are proving to be incredibly tone deaf and insensitive to individual Alaskans. Because of Senator’s Begich’s decisive vote for ObamaCare, thousands of Alaskans are losing the coverage they were promised they could keep, insurance premiums are set to rise by 30% to 80%, and Alaskans are being told to shop for expensive insurance on a website that still doesn’t work.”

Americans for Prosperity is currently running a significant TV ad effort holding Senator Begich accountable for his continued support of ObamaCare – a law that is leading to less choice, higher costs, and more bureaucracy for millions of Americans.

AFP-Alaska State Director Heidi Gay said, “It’s not surprising that Senator Begich is trying to make Alaskans forget that he cast a deciding 60th vote to pass ObamaCare. Instead of playing cheap political games to change the subject, Senator Begich should explain why he continues to support ObamaCare instead of repealing this disastrous law.”


  • At least 5,400 Alaskans have had their healthcare plans cancelled. The “Obama Fix” extends them only until after the next election.  As reported by Alaska Dispatch.
  • Health care premiums in Alaska are expected to rise between 30% and 80%, according to a March 2013 report from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.
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