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8 Times Mark Begich Gave The EPA The “Green” Light

September 24, 2014

Mark Begich claims to be a champion for Alaska who’s keeping harmful EPA regulations at bay. However, a quick look into his voting history reveals a very different Mark Begich. Perhaps this is what Mark Begich was thinking as he sold Alaska down the frozen river in the name of supporting the EPA. Comments attributed to […]

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AFP Reacts to Alaska Senate Results

November 12, 2014

Group’s members were urging Begich to change positions on health care, energy. ANCHORAGE — The Alaska chapter of Americans for Prosperity released the below statement following the results of the senate race in the state: “Alaskans have spoken loud and clear: they are tired of Mark Begich toeing the line for Harry Reid and President […]

VIDEO: Alaskans on what Begich Has Done for Them

October 30, 2014

ANCHORAGE — Americans for Prosperity released a video today that shows Alaskans pondering Senator Mark Begich’s signature accomplishments while in Washington, DC. Ami Horowitz took to the streets of Anchorage to ask people a simple question: “what has he done for you?” It turns out, folks were a little tongue-tied. Watch the video here. You […]

New AFP Ad: “Fire Begich!”

October 15, 2014

Interactive ad is sorry for interrupting your YouTube video. ANCHORAGE — Americans for Prosperity is launching a major new ad campaign in a dozen states today, including a new digital ad in which the group urges Alaska voters to fire Senator Mark Begich for his positions on economic policy. The ads, which will run on […]

AFP Launches A “Health Care Alert” on Begich’s Connection to Insurance Rate Hikes

October 15, 2014

ANCHORAGE — Americans for Prosperity is launching a digital ad that will run for several weeks, explaining the connection between Senator Mark Begich’s vote for ObamaCare and the huge rate hikes expected for individual plans on the insurance exchange next year. For the first time, the group is advocating for Begich’s defeat in November. View […]

AFP: Begich Should Answer for Massive ObamaCare Rate Hikes

September 10, 2014

Director Price says Alaskans should be incredulous that Begich would support the law again.  ANCHORAGE — Americans for Prosperity is calling on Senator Mark Begich to explain why he thinks Alaskans should have to pay over 30 percent more for health insurance under ObamaCare. Begich promised that the law would make insurance more affordable, but according to […]