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New AFP Ad: “Fire Begich!”

October 15, 2014 J

Interactive ad is sorry for interrupting your YouTube video. ANCHORAGE — Americans for Prosperity is launching a major new ad campaign in a dozen states today, including a new digital ad in which the group urges Alaska voters to fire Senator Mark Begich for his positions on economic policy. The ads, which will run on […]

AFP: Begich Should Answer for Massive ObamaCare Rate Hikes

September 10, 2014 J

Director Price says Alaskans should be incredulous that Begich would support the law again.  ANCHORAGE — Americans for Prosperity is calling on Senator Mark Begich to explain why he thinks Alaskans should have to pay over 30 percent more for health insurance under ObamaCare. Begich promised that the law would make insurance more affordable, but according to […]

AFP – Begich Response Ad Deflects from His Poor Senate Attendance

September 08, 2014

Anchorage — The Alaska chapter of Americans for Prosperity is reacting to a new television ad from Senator Mark Begich that attempts to distract from his terrible record of attending important votes in the United States Senate. The ad is in response to AFP’s “Alaskans Show Up for Work” spot, which is currently airing across the state. […]

AFP – Alaska Responds to New Begich TV Ad

March 10, 2014

Sen. Begich still refuses to address voters’ concerns; gives a different answer every time Anchorage — Today Americans for Prosperity – Alaska, a chapter of the nation’s foremost advocate for economic freedom, responded to a new ad from Senator Mark Begich attacking AFP. Senator Begich’s ad comes two weeks after AFP – Alaska’s own launch of […]