About AFP

Corey Lewandowski

Corey R. Lewandowski currently serves as the National Director of Voter Registration of Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Prosperity Foundation. He is also the former East Coast Regional Director for both organizations and served as the AFP and AFPF State Director for New Hampshire, starting the chapter in 2008.

Prior to his tenure at AFP and AFP Foundation, Corey served as Executive Director of the New England Seafood Producers’ Association (NESPA), representing the vast New England seafood interests to state and federal government officials.

Corey worked as the Legislative Political Director, Northeast Region, for the Republican National Committee (RNC), as well as in senior positions with several Members of Congress.

Corey graduated from the 248th class of the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council (PSTC) and served as a certified part-time police officer with the Department of Safety for the State of New Hampshire for four years. He is a licensed real estate agent and notary.

Corey received his M.A in Political Science from American University, Washington, D.C., and his B.A in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts. Corey also attended the Naval War College. Corey lives in Windham, New Hampshire with his wife Alison and their four children.