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Don’t let them hide the truth about ObamaCare

Like all Americans, Julie listened to the President lie about individuals keeping their health insurance.  She lost her insurance and now the left is trying to discredit her, silence her and all Americans.  Join us to defend those who seek to tell the truth about the disaster called ObamaCare.

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Exempt Me, Too!

Now that ObamaCare is about to take effect, it seems like Congress and all of President Obama’s friends are receiving exemptions. I want the President to exempt me, too!

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Tax Reform: Reviving Economic Growth

Comprehensive tax reform is critical to restore economic growth and international competitiveness.  AFP lays out reforms that Congress should implement to increase simplicity and neutrality, two essential elements of an ideal code.

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Medicaid Provider Taxes: A Scam on Federal Taxpayers

Medicaid is dominating state budget battles this year as states are deciding whether to expand their programs under the President’s health care law. To finance this costly expansion, proponents are gaming the Medicaid system with “provider taxes.”

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