Five for Florida

Real Solutions for a Better Florida!

The plan outlines five key issues that elected officials can address now to encourage free market principles and government accountability, in order to make Florida number one for families, businesses and entrepreneurs.

 Floridians want elected officials who will speak honestly with them about our problems and enact common-sense solutions.

They want more transparency and accountability in their government and for government to stop making financial commitments that taxpayers cannot afford; they want to eliminate the favoritism in our political system and for politicians to stop picking winners and losers in business; they want to reduce overly-burdensome regulations and remove obstacles for entrepreneurs and job creators; and they want an education system that gives them options and a real choice for their children.

ONE: Make Taxes Fair & End Political Favoritism

TWO: Don’t Make Financial Promises Taxpayers Can’t Keep

THREE: Be Stewards of Good, Transparent Government

FOUR: Empower Kids With the Best Education

FIVE: Free Entrepreneurs to Pursue the American Dream

Five for Florida outlines the key issues facing our state and proposes the real solutions that citizens and elected officials can support that will ensure Florida is the best state in the nation, both now and for our future generations.