Three: Be Stewards of Good, Transparent Government

Nearly sixty percent of Florida’s budget is spent on contracted services with non-government vendors and hundreds of millions are handed out as incentives and targeted-industry programs. The state is spending billions of taxpayer dollars each year for programs with little or no accountability. If a citizen wants to know how government is spending their tax dollars, it can be a real hassle, as the records that are available are scattered across multiple different sources and some are not available at all.

It is time for light to be shined on all state spending and for taxpayer-funded programs to become transparent and accountable.

The taxpayers deserve to know how the government is spending their hard-earned money and what we are, or are not, getting for it.  There must be transparency and set expectations that are reviewed and reported for all state contracts as well as taxpayer-funded incentive programs.


  • State spending that is publicly available is currently scattered over nine different state-run websites.
  • According to the Florida Department of Financial Services, the State spends nearly $51 billion annually on contracted goods and services.
  • $13 billion in taxpayer dollars may be lost each year due to poorly written and managed contracts, when applying an average error rate. Source: FLDFS
  • Nearly $2 billion in taxpayer-funded handouts has been promised to companies to create or maintain jobs in Florida, and hundreds of millions of tax dollars have been spent on other targeted-industry incentive programs.