CFO Jeff Atwater Endorses “Five for Florida’ Plan

August 21, 2012

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater Endorses “Five for Florida’ Plan

Joins 90 elected officials and candidates that support limited, accountable and transparent government

BOCA RATON – Americans for Prosperity’s Florida State Director Slade O’Brien announced today that Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater has endorsed the Five for Florida plan.  Five for Florida outlines policies that, if implemented, will provide a more economically competitive Florida, eliminate political cronyism, expand educational opportunities for our youth, and make government more transparent and accountable to Floridians.

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater had the following comments,

I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Five for Florida.  The most important issue facing the State of Florida currently is creating and maintaining jobs, and the Five for Florida plan will create a better economic environment and spur job creation.  Candidates, regardless of party, should be supporting this plan because it speaks to government accountability, transparency and job creation.  I am confident that if the policies outlined in Five for Florida are implemented by the Legislature, we will save the taxpayers money while encouraging economic development in our state.

“On behalf of AFP-FL’s more than 109,000 activists, I applaud CFO Atwater for endorsing our Five for Florida plan.  Throughout his years of public service, CFO Atwater has been committed to more transparency and accountability in government.  Both in his time in the Florida Legislature as well as in his current role as Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, he has promoted efforts that protect the taxpayers from unnecessary government growth and spending while fighting for more transparency in state contracts and the budget process,” said AFP-FL State Director Slade O’Brien.

Voters agree with CFO Atwater — jobs are the most important issue facing the state according to a recent poll of Florida registered “likely” voters conducted by The Tarrance Group.

AFP-FL State Director Slade O’Brien commented,

What this polling shows is that a majority of Floridians regardless of party affiliation or cultural background think that Florida’s government can do better and that the common sense reforms proposed in our Five for Florida plan have broad based public support and should be enacted in the next legislative session.   Candidate’s that ignore these survey results are doing so at their own peril.  They have a choice, they can continue to serve the special interests and those that feed at the public trough or they can side with a public that clearly wants more economic opportunity, transparency, accountability and educational choice.

Mr. O’Brien continued, “To date, ninety elected officials and candidates have endorsed Five for Florida, providing proof that they are dedicated to a better Florida and that they will support the principles of limited government and economic freedom.”

View details of the poll HERE.

See the full list of Five for Florida endorsers HERE.

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