Americans for Prosperity-Florida Unveils the Five for Florida Plan

June 22, 2012

For Immediate Release – Friday, June 22, 2012
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Americans for Prosperity-Florida Unveils the Five for Florida Plan

A Bold, New Grassroots Initiative for a Better Florida 

TALLAHASSEE – Today, Americans for Prosperity’s Florida Chapter announced a new grassroots initiative aimed at increasing Florida’s competitiveness and decreasing government waste.

Five for Florida is a policy plan that outlines five key issues that elected officials can address that will make Florida more economically competitive and government more transparent and accountable.

“Implementation of the Five for Florida plan will make Florida the most attractive state in the nation for families, businesses, and entrepreneurs,” said AFP-FL State Director Slade O’Brien.  “Florida can take the lead and be a model for common sense reforms, greater transparency, and accountability in government.  Enacting Five for Florida would put a billboard on the state line that says ‘Florida is open for business.’”

Five for Florida includes a policy plan, citizen and candidate endorsements and a candidate questionnaire.  These tools will allow citizens to know how their elected officials and candidates for State House and Senate stand on the issues important to them.

Mr. O’Brien continued, “Floridians want elected officials and candidates that will be honest with them and propose commonsense solutions to our state’s problems.  We believe that candidates that are running for the right reasons will endorse Five for Florida and make it part of their campaign.  Those that are beholden to special interests or groups that feed at the public trough will have a much more difficult time adopting this good government platform.”

Download the full Five for Florida plan here:

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