AFP Supports Supreme Court’s Upholding of 2011 Pension Reforms

January 17, 2013

–Decision is a huge win for Florida taxpayers–

Tallahassee, Florida — Americans for Prosperity’s Florida State Director Slade O’Brien made the following comment regarding the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the 2011 law that requires state employees to contribute three percent to their retirement:

“The Supreme Court’s decision today upholding the 2011 pension reforms, passed by the Florida Legislature and championed by Governor Scott, is a huge win for taxpayers.  Pension liabilities are a threat to the future prosperity of Floridians, at both the state and local level.  Today’s ruling will ensure that the financial liabilities created by the Florida Retirement System do not fall solely on the shoulders of the taxpayers, and also allows state employees to have a stake in their retirement. 

Today’s decision is an important first step forward for fiscally responsible public policy, and it is important that our elected officials continue to take steps to reform the way they provide retirement for government employees.  We applaud the Governor for proposing common-sense pension reform, the legislature for enacting it, and the court for upholding it.”


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