AFP-FL Releases the 2013 Economic Freedom Scorecard

June 25, 2013


Grades legislators on priority votes of the 2013 legislative session–

TALLAHASSEE—Today, Americans for Prosperity’s Florida chapter (AFP-FL) released their 2013 Economic Freedom Scorecard.  The scorecard examines more then 3,000 individual votes from the 2013 legislative session, both from committee meetings and on the floor, on twenty different economic freedom issues.

“Citizens need to have the tools to hold their elected officials accountable and the Economic Freedom Scorecard is one of those tools,” commented AFP-FL State Director Slade O’Brien. “Fifty-three members of the legislature received A+ scores, but just as many received failing scores. Floridians need to know whether their elected officials are voting to protect their interest in Tallahassee or whether they are voting for special interest lobbyists.”

The priority issues graded in the 2013 Economic Freedom Scorecard stem from the Five for Florida plan, which AFP-FL released last fall. Five for Florida promotes policies based on economic freedom including lower taxes, government transparency & accountability, decreased regulatory burdens, school choice, and eliminating cronyism.

O’Brien continued, “This scorecard shows which legislators voted to keep Florida’s tax and regulatory burdens low, encourage economic growth through free markets, and demand an efficient and accountable government. It also shows a stark picture of those elected officials that aimed to increase taxes on hardworking taxpayers, increase government burdens on small businesses, and support cronyism through special interest loopholes.”

Visit the 2013 Economic Freedom Scorecard website here.

Download the AFP-FL 2013 Economic Freedom Scorecard here.

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