AFP-FL Announces ‘Five for Florida’ Plan Endorsers

July 10, 2012

Supporters show commitment to limited, accountable and transparent government

 BOCA RATON – Americans for Prosperity’s Florida State Director Slade O’Brien announced today that the following candidates and elected officials have endorsed Five for Florida:

  • Rep. Fred Costello (R-Deland), Candidate for Congressional District 6
  • Peter Iler, Candidate for Senate District 11
  • Sen. Alan Hays (R-Umatilla), Candidate for Senate District 11
  • Ron Rushing, Candidate for Senate District 15
  • Rep. Rachel Burgin (R-Riverview), Candidate for Senate District 24
  • Melanie Peterson, Candidate for Senate District 25
  • Geoff Sommers, Candidate for Senate District 25
  • Eddy G. Holman, Candidate for House District 5
  • Rep. Janet Adkins (R-Fernandina Beach), Candidate for House District 11
  • Kim Kendall, Candidate for House District 17
  • Franklin Perez, Candidate for House District 28
  • Jeffery Onest, Candidate for House District 29
  • Juan Selaya, Candidate for House District 33
  • Salvador Gutierrez, Candidate for Senate District 39
  • Rep. John Wood (R-Haines City), Candidate for House District 41
  • John W. Lindsey, Candidate for House District 41
  • Marco Peña, Candidate for House District 49
  • Laureen Trent, Candidate for House District 53
  • Cary Pigman, Candidate for House District 55
  • Joe Wicker, Candidate for House District 59
  • Philip Tropea, Candidate for House District 65
  • Michael Grant, Candidate for House District 76
  • Chauncey Solinger, Candidate for House District 76
  • Chris Berardi, Candidate for House District 77
  • James Ryan O’Hara, Candidate for House District 81
  • Calvin D. Turnquist, Candidate for House District 82
  • Mary Lynn Magar, Candidate for House District 82
  • Peter Richter, Candidate for House District 106
  • David Balduc, Candidate for House District 106
  • Rep. Erik Fresen (R-Miami), Candidate for House District 114
  • Regina A. Weiler, Candidate for Brevard County State Committeewoman
  • Brian Iannucci, Candidate for St. Johns County Commission, District One
  • Keri Lewis, Candidate for Brevard County School Board, District 4
  • Todd Long, Candidate for Congressional District 9
  • Sharon Calvert, Candidate for Hillsborough County Commission, District 2
  • Chris Gregg, Candidate for Pasco County Commission, District 3
  • Darren Ayers, Candidate for Congressional District 13
  • Byron Donalds, Condidate for Congressional District 19
  • John “Ski” Pietruszewski, Candidate for Martin County Sheriff

Mr. O’Brien commented,

The candidates and elected officials who have endorsed Five for Florida are providing proof that they are dedicated to a better Florida and that they will support the principles of limited government and economic freedom.  By endorsing Five for Florida elected officials and candidates are sending a strong signal to Floridians that they are committed to a more economically competitive Florida, to eliminating political cronyism, to expanding educational opportunities for our youth, and to making government more transparent and accountable to its citizens.


If the Five for Florida policy agenda is implemented in Tallahassee during the next legislative session Florida will unquestionably become the most attractive State in the nation for families, businesses and entrepreneurs, and that’s is exactly where we want to be.

Read the full Five for Florida plan at  AFP does not endorse candidates. All elected officials and candidates are encouraged to endorse Five for Florida and go on the record in support of limited government and economic freedom.

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