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Three: Be Stewards of Good, Transparent Government

Nearly sixty percent of our state budget is spent on contracted services, however there are no specific standards or oversight for these contracts.  That means the state is spending billions of taxpayer dollars each year for programs with little or no accountability.

It is time that the light is shined on all state contracts and they are made public.

The taxpayers deserve to know how the government is spending their hard-earned money and what we are getting for it.  There must be transparency for all state contracts, as well as set standards that detail what specific services a contractor is expected to provide and the financial penalties for failing to fulfill their contract.


  • According to the Florida Department of Financial Services, the State spends nearly $51 billion annually on contracted goods and services.
  • $13 billion in taxpayer dollars may be lost each year due to poorly written and managed contracts, when applying an average error rate. Source: FLDFS
  • Under the current system, contracts are paid by the State’s Chief Financial Officer, however they are only reviewed when payments are called into question – often times resulting in lengthy settlement negotiations or litigation.


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