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Five: Free Entrepreneurs to Pursue the American Dream

Bureaucratic delays and government over-regulation are stifling the entrepreneurial spirit and blocking job creation. Every Floridian deserves the chance to achieve their own personal success without government hassles standing in the way.

Unnecessary regulations and licensing laws must be eliminated and the permitting process should be transparent and streamlined.

Burdensome regulations and licensing laws should continue to be examined and eliminated.  The permitting process also often responsible for unnecessary and unacceptable delays. Local governments should be required to report to the state how long it takes them to approve permits, creating transparency for businesses and encouraging local governments to make the process faster and more streamlined.


  • Florida has the 4th most burdensome licensing laws and is the 7th most onerously licensed state in the nation. Source: Institute for Justice
  • Florida’s burdensome licensing laws deter entry into 45 of the 102 low- and moderate-income occupations surveyed. Source: Institute for Justice
  • Burdensome government regulations and permitting can delay creation of new jobs by weeks, if not months. Source: Foundation for Government Accountability
  • A one-week delay for a new Florida start-up company results in approximately $2,700 in lost wages for a typical staff. Source: Foundation for Government Accountability
  • A one week delay for Florida start-ups, which created 173,236 jobs in 2009, costs the State approximately $9.9 million in lost revenue. Source: Foundation for Government Accountability


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