Dallas Woodhouse - North Carolina State Director

Dallas Woodhouse - North Carolina State Director

April 17, 2009

Dallas Woodhouse: State Director, AFP- North Carolina

Dallas Woodhouse has been involved in North Carolina politics for many years. Beginning his career as a Raleigh-based political journalist with NBC-17, he also spent time on the evening news at WKFT and WLFL. Woodhouse began his stint with Americans for Prosperity as the Communications and Legislative Director for AFP–North Carolina, and took command of the North Carolina chapter in August 2007. Through his position, Dallas leads the fight to ease the burden of big government in North Carolina.

Woodhouse is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of AFP-North Carolina. In addition to setting – and achieving – long-term goals for the organization he has worked to increase the number of local chapters and boost grassroots membership. Meanwhile, he is also spearheading efforts aimed at preparing citizens to fight against the increasing role of North Carolina’s big government.

Through the AFP-NC chapter, Woodhouse plans to continue support for a constitutional tax and spending limitation (Taxpayer Protection Amendment). He will also push for free-market solutions to education issues, and lead the fight against wasteful spending. His ultimate goal is to make North Carolina a more prosperous place to live.

Dallas’ dedication to the principles of limited government and free markets have made him an outstanding advocate for North Carolina taxpayers. Through his leadership AFP continues to fight against ever increasing taxes in North Carolina and supports free-market solutions to state and local problems.

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